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The Fiddleheads: I like bluegrass music, so I was probably inclined to give this Georgia quintet the thumbs up regardless. But Tuesday, they put together a remarkable bluegrass cover of Jacko's classic "Billie Jean," putting a spin on the song I never could have fathomed. Unfortunately, all three judges were disappointed by the act,vintage chanel handbags with Howie criticizing them for not dancing to such a well known boogie track. But do you really want to see five white guys dance to a Michael Jackson bluegrass cover? Neither do I.

Duo Aero: Four words can describe this St. Paul, Minn. couple: trapeze act on steroids. Defying gravity, they dangled at least 25 feet in the air, hanging upside down, holding on to each other via ankles, buy chanel handbags somersaulting. you get the picture. Honestly, my palms were getting sweaty just watching them. Definitely an act that would work well in Vegas, even if I don't think I'd count them among my top 10 favorites of the season.

Anna Graceman: Here she is again, season six's talent wrecking ball. I first thought she committed a boo boo Tuesday by choosing Louis Armstrong's saccharine "What a Wonderful World" standard, but 11 year old Anna proved yet again her vocal range and piano prowess, breathing a soulful strength into the old classic. While it's been clear for some time her abilities discount chanel handbags are light years ahead of any other child act this season, it's getting to the point where her talent is probably beyond the limits of most of the adult singers as well. On top of all that, there's also something innocent and genuine about her. In every sense of the word, this girl is flawless.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar: Let's start with the obvious: authentic chanel handbags this San Antonio based trio is really talented, as two men balance a four inch wide bar this time over a bed of nails which was eventually lit aflame for further effect while a fearless women flips and somersaults midair. I respect the hell out of this act. But I just don't care. It's amusing, but it never seems to go anywhere. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if America votes them through tonight

We welcome all English speaking international fans of Anna Tatangelo,where to buy authentic chanel handbags seahawks jerseys one of Italy's brightest shining musical stars. Anna is an extremely talented young woman who at the age of 26 is well on the way to a fabulous career. Here you will find news articles, collections of photos and videos, song translations and many other tidbits of information about her. This website, our news blog and two forums are the primary English news sources for Anna on the web. We strive to enhance the popularity of this talented singer in the USA and among other English speaking persons. She is a treasure to be shared by many!

Anna began her career professionally at the age of 15 after being the youngest singer ever to win first place in the "Youth" category at the famous Italian Sanremo Music Festival. This was followed by a first place win in 2006 in the "Women's" chanel handbags wholesale category and a second place finish in the "Overall" category in 2008. During the last competition, she performed a duet of "Il Mio Amico" with Michael Bolton.

Anna has released five albums and eighteen single recordings. She has toured Australia, and performed at the prestigious Olympia of Paris. She co wrote two of the songs in her album "Mai Dire Mai," with D'Alessio. chanel handbags shop online These are "Averti Qui" and "Lo So Che Finira'." A music video of "Lo So Che Finira'" was filmed while Anna was in San Francisco under the direction of Gaetano Morbioli. In her album, "Nel Mondo Delle Donne," Anna demonstrated her social consciousness by addressing important women's issues such as domestic violence, anorexia, and depression.

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