International Opportunities


Sharing the Universal Appeal of The Melting Pot

With more than 45 years of being the premier fondue restaurant throughout North America, The Melting Pot also offers international entrepreneurs our restaurant franchise opportunities. Our first international locations opened in 2010 in Canada and Mexico. Many cultures place a high importance on sharing food and celebrating life with family and friends, and we have found the Melting Pot to be a natural fit in numerous international markets. You have the opportunity to provide your community with a unique and enticing culinary experience. Our full-service restaurants provide guests with a welcoming environment to enjoy outstanding food, friends, and family. With little-to-no direct fondue competition throughout the world, the Melting Pot can provide you with a great investment opportunity supported through training programs, marketing support, and corporate guidance.

Our prospective international franchisee candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum investment of three units (five or more units preferred)
  • Restaurant or hospitality experience (multi-unit operation preferred)
  • A minimum liquidity of US $1M (may be combined among partners)
  • Access to at least US $3M in capital (may be combined among partners)
  • A 6% royalty fee of gross sales
  • An advertising contribution
  • Upfront franchise fee of US $45K - $60K per unit, plus a one-time training fee of US $50K
  • The main point of contact must be fluent in English

Visit our Investment & Financing page to view an outline of estimated initial costs for the U.S. market. While certain expense items may be higher or lower in other countries than the typical range in the U.S., it will give you a sense of what you might expect.

If you are interested in pursuing our restaurant franchise opportunity, please submit a franchise request form to begin the Discovery Process. We will reach out to you to discuss the next steps. Once you are pre-approved, we will invite you to attend one of our International Discovery Day events in Tampa, Fla, where you’ll be able to meet the team, learn more about our operations, and execute a letter of intent if both parties wish to move forward.

Apply now to learn more about our international restaurant franchise opportunities. A member of our Franchise Development team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and start you on the path to ownership.

Customizable Options to Suit Any Market

The dining concept we’ve built around fondue has broad appeal, but the Melting Pot understands that different countries, cultures, and communities can require different considerations. We make menu customizations and modifications available to meet the dietary and cultural needs of any of our international markets. The design and décor vary slightly from unit to unit as well, in order to capture the aesthetic flavor of the location. One thing that never changes, though: the consistently superior quality of our food and our dining experience.

Be Your Own Boss with a Truly Unique Restaurant

The Melting Pot is in the business of making memories, and we’re seeking international, multi-unit franchisees to bring our premier fondue restaurant concept to other parts of the world. If you have a passion for serving others before yourself and leading by example, you may be a great fit.

The Premier Fondue experience

Bring The Melting Pot to Your Community