With more than 45 years of being the premier fondue restaurant throughout the U.S., Melting Pot offers international franchise opportunities. With the Melting Pot, you have the opportunity to provide your community with a unique and enticing culinary experience. Our full-service restaurants provide guests with a welcoming environment to enjoy outstanding food, friends, and family. With little-to-no direct fondue competition throughout the world.

Our prospective international franchisee candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum investment of 5 units
  • Restaurant or hospitality experience (multi-unit operation preferred)
  • A minimum liquidity of $2.2M USD (may be combined among partners)
  • Access to at least $7M USD in capital (may be combined among partners)
  • Upfront franchise fee of US $60K USD per unit, plus a one-time training fee of $75K USD
  • The main point of contact must be fluent in English

Visit our Investment page to view an outline of estimated initial costs for the U.S. market. While certain expense items may be higher or lower in other countries than the typical range in the U.S., it will give you a sense of what you might expect.

If you are interested in pursuing our restaurant franchise opportunity and meet the international franchise candidate criteria, please submit the franchise request form below to begin the Discovery Process. We will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.