Masters Of Menu Localization

At Melting Pot, we know that not all markets are one and the same, and that also goes for our restaurants. Each Melting Pot location is a little different, capturing the design style preferences of the franchisee and the geographic area, so it only made sense for our menus to take localization to a whole new level, too.

Last year for the first time in our company’s history, we launched a localization effort across all of our restaurants giving franchisees the opportunity to customize their menus with regionally influenced fare. From cheeses to chocolates, these customized recipes give each restaurant its own menu style and flavor without forgoing Melting Pot’s one-of-a-kind fondue dining experience. To go one step even further, local craft beers also can be incorporated into any cheese fondue to create an even more localized guest experience.

“Within a year, we were able to provide opportunities for our local franchisees to address the tastes and preferences of their guests,” said President of Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., Mike Lester. “As a growing brand, we recognize that their preferences will vary by region and country, which is why menu localization will continue to remain a crucial selling point of Melting Pot’s business model.”

For Kelly Cooper, offering locally inspired fare, like our Green Chili Cheddar fondue, was something that resonated with his guests. The dish was inspired by Hatch Green Chilies that grow in the region, and has become one of the restaurant’s best selling menu items. Customers appreciate that our restaurants offer localized menus beyond the standard core cheeses, chocolates, and salad options.

“Melting Pot opened the doors and created a system where franchisees have the ability to choose from a variety of locally sourced produce that can be used as a ‘cheese dipper’ or part of an entrée,” said Kelly Cooper. “If there are other locally sourced items we’d like to use, the company offers a recipe submission process that is typically approved on a one-by-one basis. As a franchise owner, I appreciate the franchisor being open to our ideas and recommendations on how we can improve the business.”

Our push for menu localization has served as a great way to pique the interest of our new and current customers. As our fondue lovers’ tastes continue to evolve, so will our craveable menu offerings to keep them coming back for more.