Owning The Special Occasion

While The Melting Pot is a popular dining destination year-round for specials occasions - from Mother's Day to celebrating a graduate to celebrating a much-needed date night - there is no special occasion quite like Valentine's Day at our restaurants. Our franchisees know this and love to pull out all the stops for their biggest night/weekend of the year. The Melting Pot's fondue menu makes for a Cupid's feast, especially when lovers’ delights like lobster tail, filet mignon and chocolate are featured.

Franchisee Mark Conway has been with the company for 12 years and just celebrated his fourth Valentine weekend at the Orlando location that he and his wife Veronica have co-owned since 2012. It's always the most profitable holiday of the year, and this year was no exception. Conway and his restaurant team just re-opened their doors after a renovation and expansion of the bar area. They celebrated with a sold-out weekend, popular four-course prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner, add-on packages of rose petals and candles, plus a new addition this year - a digital photo booth to capture the fondue fun.

"While we offer genuine hospitality and an excellent dining experience every day, there's no doubt that we really know how to deliver the romance," says Conway. "The design of The Melting Pot's dining rooms offers lots of cozy nooks, which gives us an edge over many other restaurants that are bringing in extra tables and creating a noisy, crowded environment."

Valentine prix fixe menus may be fairly standard throughout the industry, but Conway says it's the extra touches that put The Melting Pot over the top. "Our managers visit every table and deliver a fun 'love quiz' for couples to take. It's a great conversation-starter. We also have a gift bag as part of the package cost that includes our fondue wafers, garlic and wine seasoning and a $25 certificate for a future visit. Everything we do sets the stage for reigniting romance."

The Melting Pot's franchisees put extra thought behind making occasions special every day, and it's part of what sustains their business year-round. Conway says marriage proposals happen every other week - not just on Valentine's Day. "Our culture at The Melting Pot is about serving our guests and giving them a unique experience. Whether that's helping a nervous boyfriend propose or hosting a ladies' night out, any restaurant team at any Melting Pot in the world is going to deliver unmatched service. That's how we own any occasion."

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