Entrepreneur Magazine Names Melting Pot "Top Food Franchise"

In the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine, Melting Pot was featured as a “Top Food Franchise” among over 400 leading restaurant brands. Melting Pot has offered its guests a truly memorable dining experience for more than 40 years. As an award-winning franchise business, the brand continues to grow on a national and international scale, and as part of that expansion, it’s imperative that the brand stays ahead of foodie trends to keep its menu innovative so guests keep coming back for more.

“In 2015, we saw diners crave customizable offerings in the food and beverage space,” said Mike Lester, president of Melting Pot, Inc. “This year, we are continuing to see customers interested in menus that cater to interactive experiences with menus and cocktails that present vibrant and relevant options. Restaurant brands need to listen to their prospective and current customers by offering personalized options that target customer’s desires.”

The brand has plans for aggressive growth over the next several years, and is currently seeking new franchisees in select markets nationwide, including: Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; South Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Des Moines, Iowa; Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York; and Charleston, South Carolina. On the international front, Melting Pot is focusing its expansion efforts in target markets across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

To see the complete listing of “Top Food Franchises,” be sure to check out the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine.