A Toast To Ladies' Night Out

The Melting Pot was recently honored with a VIBE VISTA Award for Best Special Event/Program for our 2014 Women & Whiskey limited-time offer. These awards recognize the creation, training, execution, management, and ongoing positive results of an on-premise national chain company’s beverage program. Our beverage manager, Paul Brown, created the promotion and accepted the award on the company's behalf at the annual VIBE conference, a premiere event recognizing the leading chain and hotel adult beverage executives and suppliers. Restaurant Magazine and The Daily Meal also took note of our achievement.

Women & Whiskey celebrated women and the revival of whiskey with featured whiskey cocktails, such as the “Buck be a Lady” and “Alabama 33,” and a customizable whiskey flight, as well as ladies’ night events featuring whiskey-infused fondues. It combined the natural group appeal of fondue with a special drink menu that was on-trend, and we promoted this limited-time offer with recipe cards, table tents and even a fun quiz to help ladies identify what kind of “whiskey woman” they are.

What Brown recognized with this particular drink promotion is that women have a more diverse palate for beverages than they are often given credit for. He says, “People naturally associate whiskey as a drink of choice for men, but its appeal to women – and millennials – driving its current popularity.”

Many Melting Pot restaurants host Ladies' Night Out events and have a core customer base of women. Our dippable, shareable menu is a natural for these gatherings, where friends can enjoy their favorite fruits and vegetables dipped into bubbling cheeses, marshmallows doused in warm chocolate and more fondue goodness.

We look forward to introducing many more on-trend limited-time offers and promotions. They are a win for our restaurants and a lot of fun for our guests. Cheers Magazine recently interviewed Brown about all of the ways he helps keep The Melting Pot's beverage lineup fresh. Read all about it here.

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