Become A Master Fondue Operator With Front Burner University

Welcome to Front Burner University - our official training program where new franchisees can learn the in’s and out’s of running a profitable Melting Pot restaurant. For 40 years, Melting Pot has developed turnkey training and in depth support systems to assist in each and every one of its franchise locations’ success. Here’s how the process works…

When Melting Pot signs on a new franchise development deal, the franchisee is scheduled to attend a seven-week training program through Front Burner University. This training is comprised of classroom-based training at our Restaurant Support Center in Tampa as well as on the job training at the company operated restaurant locations (the St. Petersburg or Sarasota, Florida locations). Melting Pot understands the importance of each franchisee being fully immersed in the restaurant process, which is why its franchisees train through every single position at the restaurant before opening their own. Franchisees have the opportunity to experience greeting and serving guests, food preparation, training at each station and managing servers to understand every aspect of the business. Learning various procedures, including how to place orders and manage food preparation based on expected number of guests for the evening is also vital to new franchisee’s hands-on experience during the course.

Once they have the “basics” in their toolkit, our new franchisees are required to participate in Management Essentials, which is part of Front Burner University and consists of an intensive two-day “classroom setting” training with other new franchisees. In addition, all new restaurant managers are required to attend Management Essentials within their first 9 months of employment as a restaurant operator at any Melting Pot location.

“The two-day study is a great time for new owners and managers alike to connect with others who are new to the brand, as well as learn about the company culture and impressive brand heritage,” said Kim Garvey, director of learning and communications, Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. “From our many years of experience running an award-winning fondue concept, we know our franchisees appreciate the extensive Front Burner University training program.”

During the two-day classroom program, our franchisees have time to meet with their individual Franchise Business Consultants, where they learn how to read a P&L, what to expect during our Quality Certification tests, how to create yearly business plans, and more. Our franchisee “students” can also discuss marketing plans with their Local Marketing Consultants to ensure they are up to speed on all marketing initiatives and programs available to them.

Once the two-day classroom training is complete, franchisees will spend another full day in the restaurant with Head Chef Jason Miller to learn soft skills, perform a line check, learn how to read recipes correctly, understand the importance of cheese and chocolate weight measurements, and more.

“As a new restaurant manager, spending the time with Chef Jason during my training period was highly beneficial to my location’s success,” said Betsy Rodriguez, manager at Melting Pot of Indianapolis. “Since I was relatively new to being an operator of The Melting Pot, I needed the support and enjoyed learning from Chef’s 20+ years of experience in the culinary industry.”

After Melting Pot’s “students” are fully integrated, a delicious, fondue-style graduation dinner is planned with the Executive Leadership Team and all of the franchisees. Chef Jason selects special menu items and franchisees can leave the training center with an official graduation certificate, a wealth of knowledge and support contacts for any future questions while operating their businesses.

The future is bright for Melting Pot as a brand and for its 100+ franchised locations, and we take pride in knowing they are fully prepared in their future restaurant endeavors.