Targeting Customer Needs Can Improve Profitability

We’re excited to share that Mike Lester, president of Melting Pot, wrote an article that was recently featured in the April issue of Franchising World, the official publication of the International Franchise Association.

In the feature titled “Targeting Customer Needs Can Improve Profitability,” Lester offers meaningful advice on how franchisees (and franchisors) can effectively cater to customer needs while increasing the bottom line. We’ve recapped some of the key takeaways below:

  • Ask your customers effective questions in order to gain collective insight that leads to real change and continued success. While conducting an online survey to retrieve guest feedback can be effective, it’s important to keep the questions short and sweet, while collecting quality information from your customers.
  • Train and empower employees to embrace the unique needs of customers. While it’s next to impossible to provide them with a handbook of every “what if” situation that may occur, instilling the company’s values and positive, customer-driven culture will allow them to deliver the very best experience to guests.
  • Run special promotions and limited-time offers as a way to reach target customers and new guests. These offers do not require in-depth testing prior to roll-out, and if something doesn’t go as planned, at least you will have learned something in the process.
You can check out the full article in the magazine’s digital edition here.