Restaurant Development + Design Magazine Features Melting Pot’s Redesigns

The December 2018 issue of Restaurant Development + Design Magazine featured the redesigns from our design manager, Deborah Ramos. Ramos’ new design utilizes materials such as Corten steel, which “transforms and changes over time, similar to how cheese transforms in the pot.”

The redesign promotes its original theme of romance while giving Melting Pot restaurants flexibility to accommodate a more “communal social element” such as larger celebrations and occasions. The RD+D article discussed aspects of the redesign, including the new chocolates and cheese bar and wine tasting space, the renovated outdoor patio design, upgraded lover’s lane, and revamped dining elements.

New Chocolate and Cheese Bar

Melting Pot’s new chocolate and cheese bar gives guests a front row seat for observing the chocolate and cheese melting process. Formerly, cheese and chocolate were melted at individual guests’ tables. Now, guests have an opportunity to watch as restaurant team members kick off the fondue process. The bar also features a retail section so patrons can buy various cheeses, meats, and chocolate-dipped deserts to bring home.

Wine Tasting Area

The revamped design for Melting Pot’s restaurants includes a dedicated wine tasting space. Here, guests can sample high-end wines to explore interesting flavor pairings for meals and other menu items. The wine tasting area is furnished with rich-colored upholstery and high-top tables that reflect the franchise’s two pillars: cheese and chocolate.

New Outdoor Patio

The revised patio design allows the outdoor space to connect with the restaurant’s interior through access to the main bar. The new design allows the interior bar to cater both outside and inside guests using access elements such as garage doors or billfold windows. The patio also gives restaurants the chance to enclose the space for use during all seasons.

Upgraded “Lover’s Lane”

Previously, Melting Pot’s “lover’s lane” was designed as a square space where guests could draw a curtain as a partition to raise the level of privacy and foster a romantic atmosphere. The new design departs from the rectangular configuration to emulate a literal lane of tables. The new design foregoes the curtain partitions for a more open atmosphere that preserve the romance and privacy of lover’s lane with a candle wall.

Overhauled Dining Areas

The traditional design for Melting Pot’s general dining areas used tabletop burners that kept tables in place and restricted the space to a single configuration. The new design now uses electrical cords and outlets to liberate the dining area, allowing tables to be joined to accommodate bigger parties. Another new addition to the dining experience involves larger community-style booths.

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