Melting Pot's Evolution Promises New Experiences

Melting Pot has taken pride in offering customers a unique experience at our many restaurant locations around the world, and our renowned chain was recently proud to unveil the next chapter in our storied history. Our long-awaited new evolution features newly designed restaurants, more interactive experiences, a changed menu that offers several new items and styles of dishes, and so much more.

Those who love Melting Pot as it was can rest assured that the world-famous fondue restaurants they were so fond of will still be there, however with a fresh face and updated menu to reflect a more modern appeal.

The first location with this new design evolution opened its doors to guests back in June at The Galleria at Red Bank, New Jersey. In September, the second re-designed location opened at The Fountains of Farah in El Paso, Texas. A third newly-designed location is expected to open later this fall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

New Design Elements

Melting Pot locations will be totally re-designed to create an open, inviting, and engaging space that’s accented with local touches and homages to the community that supports it. In addition to traditional tables, the new restaurants will also offer a casual dining area, social bar area, outdoor dining, and a patio bar where guests can enjoy their experience and the beautiful weather outside.

Kitchens have been radically re-designed to not only be a place to prepare food, but as a way of putting the art of fondue on display for guests to see. Bars have been re-vamped and menus updated to include several options for hand-crafted and artisanal cocktails created with fresh and simple ingredients. Restaurants will also now feature a dedicated wine tasting area that will feature a number of special selections that pair well with our signature cheese and chocolate dishes. Finally, each location will also contain an expanded retail area with a host of new offerings.

New Culinary Experiences

As for Melting Pot’s world-famous fondue menu and signature dishes, the re-designed menu perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our storied franchise chain’s classic menu but adds in a degree of modernity with some new and varied offerings. We sought to continue and even further-enhance the appeal of our fully-customizable dining experiences with new casual dining opportunities.

The original fondue experience has been enhanced and now includes several quicker yet equally craveable menu items. New, chef-prepared entrees have also been added to the menu. Finally, several of our most popular items have now been added as “on-the-go” options, including Melting Pot’s Signature Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.

About Melting Pot

With more than 115 locations spread across 34 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East, plus 17 more international locations in development, Melting Pot has become the world’s most famous name in fondue restaurants. Since opening our first location back in 1975, our restaurant has become famous for our eclectic assortment of fondue style dishes, including a variety of unique entrees with signature dipping sauces. Our locations offer a combination of a la carte menu options to create your own customized experience as well as chocolate and cheese fondues.

Melting Pot is seeking motivated and committed individuals to purchase franchise opportunities in markets worldwide. For more information about opportunities available, visit us online today!

The Melting Pot interior view

The Melting Pot main counter

Tables and booths at The Melting Pot

Wine bar at The Melting Pot