Dan Stone Featured in 1851 Magazine

After being around for 43 years, Melting Pot’s 115 franchise locations have made an impact on North America and the Middle East. According to Dan Stone, the chief business & people development officer of Melting Pot, the franchise’s unique offerings are key contributors to the company’s success. Mr. Stone recently spoke to 1851 magazine about the future of franchising.

Mr. Stone was first introduced to sales and business operations when he managed multiple franchise hotels for nine years. His work eventually landed him in Florida where he joined Front Burner Brands, the management company behind Melting Pot, as a director of franchise.

When asked about what he loved about the industry, Mr. Stone told 1851:

“I love the networking. There's a strong willingness to share insight in the franchise industry. Franchising is a vehicle for individuals to achieve their dream of small business ownership. When you have someone who’s been successful in the corporate world who wants to be their own boss, franchising is a great platform to make that happen, and it’s very rewarding to take someone from an initial inquiry to approval to opening, and seeing their success as the years go by is very satisfying.”

1851 also asked Mr. Stone about what makes a great franchise operator. He replied:

“Great franchisees are those who understand systems are about people. This means recruiting, onboarding and retaining good people to deliver a quality experience to the consumer. Profitability stems from great operational execution, and people who understand that will succeed. Additionally, a great franchisee is someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit but isn't a true entrepreneur. True entrepreneurs can find franchise systems confining because of things like system standards and the need for unit-to-unit consistency, so someone who wants more freedom is better suited for an independent business. Great candidates are people who see the value in franchising and have a desire to tap into a proven system.”

The magazine also asked Mr. Stone what he wished he could change in the franchising industry. According to Stone, the following would be a welcomed change:

“The negative impact that the contractual nature of franchising can sometimes have on the franchisor-franchisee relationship is something I wish I could change. The need for agreements and contracts are important and key to franchise operations, but having to lean on the contract can impact the relationship between parties.”

To read the entire feature in 1851 magazine, click here.

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