Melting Pot Celebrates Earth Day with New Sustainability Efforts

In celebration of Earth Day, we recently announced that our franchise locations will be offering sustainably sourced ingredients. We will also be implementing new environmentally-friendly restaurant practices.

Our Exceptional Food Initiative will provide customers with the highest quality, premium ingredients, as well as an interactive experience. To assist with our vision of delivering exceptional foods to our guests, we have partnered with Cacao-Trace® to bring sustainably sourced cocoa to our chocolate fondue. Cacao-Trace is committed to helping cocoa farmers through their Next Generation Cacao Foundation and has perfected a post-harvest fermentation process for cocoa beans that produces superior tasting chocolate.

We have also been focusing on bringing quality ingredients for our restaurant’s artisan cheese fondue, which is why he have a partnership with Kindred Creamery®. The company’s Cows First™ program rewards farmer’s for their hard work and strives to promote the respectful treatment of cow herds. According to Kindred Creamery®, happy cows who are well produce the high standard of milk necessary to make superior cheese.

Speaking about Melting Pot’s focus on sustainability, Corporate Chef Jason Miller said, “We are proud to provide our guests exceptional ingredients in an engaging atmosphere. As we continue with our Exceptional Food Initiative, we have been working with our suppliers on increasing the quality, variety, and sustainability of our ingredients.”

Emmi Roth®, our long-time cheesemaker, installed solar panels at their Platteville, Wisconsin plant in 2018. The panels will supply 15% of the energy required to make cheese at the plant and will reduce 14,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the environment.

At Melting Pot, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing and advocating sustainable practices. We offer all-natural and antibiotic free proteins, sustainably harvested seafood, and environmentally-friendly paper straws at locations across the country.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, or to find out about a fondue restaurant franchise opportunity near you, call (844) 334-2601.