FSR Magazine Spotlights Our New Grill Cooking Style

Full Service Restaurant (FSR) Magazine is known throughout the restaurant industry for delivering top-quality information, ideas, and news from global chefs and restauranteurs. That’s why we’re pleased to share that Melting Pot was recently featured in an FSR Magazine article, included in the January 2019 issue!

The article, titled “Think BIG” and penned by Laura Zolman Kirk, discusses how large, communally-shared dinners are making a dramatic comeback in the fine and casual dining scenes. Because of our brand focus on communal-style eating, Melting Pot received a special shout-out in the “Brand Spotlight” section – in particular, for our innovative new grill cooking style.

About Our Grill Cooking Style

First developed in our locations in the Middle East, where the intoxicating smells of table-side smoke brought in new customers, the grill cooking style has now fully taken over all our menus at Melting Pot. Although customers old and new continue to love our classic bouillon broth cooking style, the grill has made a serious splash at our 100+ United States franchise locations.

More interactive than the broth cooking styles, the grill allows guests to watch in wonder as their food sears to perfection. In addition, any vegetarian or allergy-prone guests can now cook right alongside their carnivore friends, as the grill is less vulnerable to cross-contamination.

Read more about our grill cooking style in FSR Magazine!

Changing Styles, Consistent Quality

Melting Pot has been serving thousands of customers across the world for more than 43 years, making us one of the best-known legacy restaurant franchises in the industry. But in spite of that long and storied history, we still believe it’s important to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of casual communal dining.

Whether it’s our new grill cooking style or introducing small bites at the bar, Melting Pot aims to stay fresh and future-oriented. By adapting to the times and considering our customer’s needs, our fondue restaurants will continue to provide exceptional value for franchise owners, no matter where they set up shop.

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