Melting Pot Ranks as #7 on Favorite Full-Service Restaurant Franchises List by Entrepreneur

The future is looking brighter than ever for The Melting Pot, America’s favorite fondue restaurant franchise. Not only are we being recognized within the franchise industry as a leading franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs, but we are also rethinking the brand to evolve with customer demands.

Being Recognized Among Top Franchise Companies

We are proud to say we were recently ranked #7 on Entrepreneur’s Top 200 Food Franchises of 2019 for the Full-Service Restaurant category! Entrepreneur uses an intensive analysis, review, and recognition system to determine top franchises across the country in each of its categories. Data points considered in their analysis include startup costs for new franchisees, typical profits enjoyed by franchisees in an average year, size and growth of the company’s corporate presence, support provided by corporate to franchisees, and much more. We are thrilled and honored to have earned such a high ranking from such a highly respected authority on franchise opportunities.

(You can learn more about our Entrepreneur top franchise ranking by clicking here and viewing a full article from the group.)

Rethinking Fondue Franchises to Benefit Franchisees & Customers

Since 1975, The Melting Pot has been the destination for people who want amazing, customizable fondue and a fun dining setting. However, times are changing and many potential customers are on tight schedules. Sitting down for the quintessential fondue experience is sometimes not cohesive with short time tables.

To evolve our brand, give better opportunities to our franchisees, and create an even more delicious menu for customers, The Melting Pot is adding cheese and chocolate stations to all our franchise locations. At these stations, tenders will prepare cheese and chocolate fondue, which can be brought to a diner’s table readily once they sit down. Of course, at their own table, diners can customize the cheese and chocolate as they prefer, keeping The Melting Pot feeling alive and well.

We are also pleased to announce that our work with both Cacao-Trace® and Kindred Creamery® continue to be encouraging. Cacao-Trace® provides our franchise’s chocolate, and the company is heralded as one of the few in the cocoa industry that provides livable wages to its cocoa farmers. Kindred Creamery® is the go-to name for the succulent Wisconsin cheese that we use in our cheese fondues. The company’s famous Cows First program encourages and enables farmers to give their cows a friendly, family-like living space that the animals love. After all, happy cows really do produce tastier milk, which in turn makes for the best cheese for fondue.

(To learn more about our brand evolution and our important industry partnerships, you can click here to view a full article posted in Food & Drink International, which features Dan Stone and Chef Jason Miller of The Melting Pot.)

For Fun Restaurant Franchise Opportunities, The Melting Pot Is It

Are you looking to invest in a franchise with real growth and profit potential? The Melting Pot is currently looking to expand with entrepreneurs like you. With our high ranking in Entrepreneur, our planned brand evolution, and our strong industry partnerships that are changing the game, we are looking forward to an amazing future for our fondue restaurant franchise company – and we would love to have you be a part of it!

To learn more about a franchise opportunity with The Melting Pot, contact us online or call (844) 334-2601. We would be happy to talk to you about investment requirements, how we train and support our franchisees, current open markets, and more!