2021 Special Incentive for New Franchisees! 1/2 off initial Franchise Fee & reduced Royalty rates for the first two years! Click here for program details.

Dip into Savings with These New Melting Pot Franchise Incentives

While we may have had to scale back our dining operations, menu, and other aspects of our business due to the pandemic, we’re still on a mission to reach 125 Melting Pot locations by 2026.

As we set our eyes on this goal, one thing became as clear as ever: We’re going to need the help of our current franchise owners, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking for their next franchise business opportunity that may not know about Melting Pot.

How Will We Do It?

“We like to say that Melting Pot is a franchise like no other, and that’s true,” said Shak Turner, senior director of franchise development. “But it’s not just the concept that sets us apart. It’s the people who truly bring the magic. So as we continue to grow our brand, we believe it only makes sense to start that effort with the people closest to us, our current franchisees.”

To help, our team has been hard at work at creating and implementing new franchising incentives for new, current, and future Melting Pot owners alike:

New Franchisee Incentive Program

First up, we’re proud to share the creation of our Franchise Incentive Program. This program allows current franchisees looking to expand their Melting Pot operations to have their initial franchisee fee waived for a single new store.

Besides this $45,000 discount, we’ve made the deal even sweeter. For the first two years of operations, these franchisees will pay reduced royalties on that location.

New Franchisee Referral Program 

Our new Franchise Referral System is one to celebrate. This program utilizes our current franchisee network to expand our operations and bring new faces and voices into the mix. “We know that many of our current franchisees came from talking to other franchisees,” Turner said. “…personal referrals remain a powerful development tool for the brand. We also believe that our franchisees should be rewarded for helping to bring these people forward.”

This program allows current franchisees to refer a qualified franchise candidate. If that new candidate signs a franchise agreement and opens a new Melting Pot location within one year, the existing franchisee will be granted a total of $25,000!

New Franchisee Discounts

And don’t worry, new franchisees are not left out! Whether you’re weighing your options for your next decision or you’re ready to get started today, our new franchisee incentives discount up-front fees and royalties through the first three years. This franchising discount offers more than $20,000 in savings!

If you are qualified and enter into an agreement to develop, own, and operate a new Melting Pot location anywhere in the US before the end of the year, you’ll benefit from:

  • Your initial franchise fee is cut in half from $45,000 to $22,500
  • Your franchising royalties are reduced for year 1 at 3% and year three at 4%.

Don’t Wait – Explore Our Fondue Franchise Opportunities Today!

Be sure not to waste any time. These programs only run until the end of the year, set to expire on Dec. 31, 2021. Never has there been a better time to start exploring the fondue franchise opportunities at The Melting Pot, the world’s leader in all things dipping.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these programs or looking to request more information regarding our franchising opportunities across The United States, give us a call at (844) 334-2601!