A group of The Melting Pot employees standing in front of a restaurant.

How the Melting Pot is Navigating Covid-19

As a growing franchise in the competitive restaurant industry, the complications brought on by Covid-19 have not been easy. Nevertheless, The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. has conquered every hurdle with flying colors – relying on a mixture of ingenuity and teamwork to survive this challenging business environment. With a steadfast vision and a tenacious work ethic, our elite team of 42,000 employees has delivered results that are outright inspiring.

In fact, The Melting Pot is stronger than ever. As noted by our CEO Bob Johnston, “2021 [sales] ended up over 22% higher than 2019 [even with many] days of zero sales due to COVID-related closures in the first part of last year.” This is a truly remarkable statistic, and it wouldn’t be possible without tremendous focus and dedication.

We realize that communal fondue is not the easiest dining option to sell during a global pandemic. By creating a safe environment where guests feel comfortable and enjoy an unforgettable meal, we’ve offered the perfect experience to those craving a night of fine dining. The results speak for themselves. Our comeback has been so strong that we’ve not only reopened all 97 of our franchised restaurants in North America, but we also have plans to add new franchise locations soon.

Franchise Support Is Critical When Dealing with Inflation

At The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., we proudly provide a delicious and memorable restaurant outing – filled with mouthwatering fondue and exceptional customer service staff. That said, our elite product is only one of many reasons we’ve fared so well during a pandemic that has decimated our industry – shuttering more than 90,000 restaurants across the United States alone.

Our entrepreneurial acumen and ability to respond to inflation are two additional components that have proven critical to our success. CEO Bob Johnston recently detailed how we anticipated inflationary pressure while speaking on Yahoo Finance Live: “We have a team of over 50 talented support folks that […] look at what the futures are on various commodities and do very intelligent buying on behalf of the franchisees to try to stabilize or drive down costs.”

By hiring a specialized team that strictly focuses on purchasing and distribution, we created one of the most supportive and robust franchise networks in the nation. Our executive-level support has been a game-changer in our current make-or-break environment. Stabilizing costs and protecting profits, our tenacious franchise support team has shown that intelligent business planning can make a world’s difference.

Are you ready to join a team that finds inventive ways to succeed amidst adversity? Give us a call at (844) 334-2601 to learn more about becoming a franchisee today!