Ease of Operations

Ease of Operations

Not Your Ordinary Restaurant Franchise

Though restaurant experience is helpful for prospective fondue restaurant franchise owners, it is not required. That’s because Melting Pot makes running our restaurants easier than other restaurant franchises. We are not a traditional restaurant, and therefore don’t have a traditional restaurant’s needs. Though we prefer candidates with business experience, if you are someone who hasn’t ventured into the restaurant industry before, rest assured that our development team will prepare you for everything. Coupled with our ease of operations, you’ll be fully equipped to achieve success with us.

Melting Pot differs from other restaurant franchises for several reasons:

  • Our unique dining experience doesn’t require chefs or highly skilled kitchen staff.
  • A simple kitchen setup allows for a reduced equipment requirement.
  • Our menu is minimal and easy to execute.
  • One daypart/shift operation

Our fondue restaurant franchise opportunity is great from a minimal complexity standpoint and the minimal staff requirement means a lower cost of labor. These are two highly attractive reasons why prospective franchisees choose our company.

View testimonials from current Melting Pot owners to learn more about the franchisee experience!

Drive Your Business Through Reservations

Another differentiator of our restaurant franchise is the ratio of reservations versus walk-ins. Since Melting Pot offers unique dining experiences for all occasions, our daily covers are predominantly reservations. In fact, on average, over 90% of our covers are reservations, with less than 10% walk-ins. This allows for owners to better prepare ahead for busy periods and staff accordingly. It also minimizes the need to manage a high number of walk-ins when your dining room is at capacity. This is yet another reason why our restaurant franchise is great for someone with minimal or no restaurant experience.

Over 30 Years of Franchising Experience

Whether you are a long-time restauranteur or someone without any experience in this industry, you can rest assured that you have the backing of a company with over three decades of franchising experience. We’ll help you acquire real estate and construct your building, provide training and ongoing support, handle the research and marketing to help you stay at the forefront of the industry, and so much more. We are truly a unique dining experience – and a unique restaurant franchise opportunity.


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