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  • Do I need restaurant experience to become a franchise owner of a Melting Pot?

    No, if you do not have a background in food service or restaurant management, we will look for a background in business leadership and management. We also look for candidates who are passionate about our brand and the idea of running their own business/restaurant. We will provide training for all new franchise owners. If you do not have a strong restaurant background, we would expect you to hire an experienced, qualified individual to be the General Manager of your Melting Pot.
  • How long does this process of becoming a Melting Pot franchise owner take?

    Typically, the Discovery Process (approval process) takes 60 – 120 days to complete. Once awarded a franchise, you have up to 18 months to develop your restaurant and open your doors for business. Therefore, the time frame from starting your application to opening your doors for business can be expected to take 14 months or longer. Bear in mind, there are several factors that could alter this time frame, including delays in site selection, obtaining a liquor license and permitting. Check out our Steps to Ownership page for more information!
  • If I am a Melting Pot franchise owner, am I expected to run the business day to day?

    Melting Pot believes in the owner/operator franchise philosophy. We expect our franchise owner(s) to be involved in the day-to-day operations. With that being said, there are some exceptions. For instance, if a father and son were franchise owners of a Melting Pot, it would be acceptable (in some cases) for the son to be the operating franchise owner and the father to play a behind-the-scenes or investor role.
  • What is my initial investment to open a Melting Pot franchise?

    The estimated initial investment ranges from $1,429,320 to $1,849,210 USD under the Franchise Program. Additional costs are associated with an area development program. You will need a minimum liquidity of $400K and a minimum net worth of $1M, which may be combined among partners. The initial franchise is $45,0000. You can see a full breakdown of estimated costs on our Investment & Financing page.
  • I want to open up multiple Melting Pot locations — can I achieve this?

    Over 35 percent of our current franchise owners have ownership in more than one Melting Pot. In most cases, they started out as a single-unit operator and expanded into multiple unit operations. Unless the candidate has significant related experience, we prefer to start with a single location for new franchise owners. Once the franchise owner has their first restaurant open and operational, there is a ‘Growth Ready Certification’ process that need to be met in order for the franchise owner to expand to an additional location/territory. The ability to expand is based on approval from Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. If the candidate has a lot of related experience, we can discuss the possibility of an Area Development Agreement—this agreement is such where a franchise owner(s) would build ‘x’ number of Melting Pot Restaurants within an agreed upon territory within a selected time frame. There are limited markets that will support an Area Development Agreement. For markets outside of the United States and Canada, we are only offering multi-unit deals through Area License Agreements that consist of a minimum of five restaurants in a region, country or countries.
  • If I begin the Discovery Process (application process), will my market of interest be reserved or guaranteed for me?

    No, we do not hold, reserve, or guarantee a market for a candidate. Please note, once your application is approved, Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. will communicate your market of interest to the franchise community. The franchise community has two weeks to express an interest in the market. If there is internal interest, your application may be placed on hold. If there is no internal interest during the two weeks, you can continue the Discovery Process. Once a candidate has successfully completed the Discovery Process, he or she may be invited to join us in Tampa, Fla., for a Decision Day visit. During the Decision Day visit, the candidate(s) will meet with the Executive Leadership Team and the principals of Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. If we mutually agree to proceed at the conclusion of the Decision Day visit, we will sign and execute franchise documents. At that time, your market of interest would be secured and we would immediately begin working together to build your Melting Pot restaurant(s).
  • Do we offer any discounts/incentives?

    Yes. Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc. offers the initial franchise fee of 20 percent off the franchise fee for veterans through the VetFran program and 20 percent off the franchise fee for minorities through the DiversityFran program. These discounts only apply to the first franchise and require the individual qualifying for the discount to be the majority owner.
  • Are there existing Melting Pot franchises available for sale? And if so, how do I find them?

    Occasionally, existing franchises become available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing an existing location, visit our Resale Opportunities page to see the current available restaurants For Sale. When purchasing an existing Melting Pot, you will be required to go through our standard Discovery Process; however, you would own your own restaurant much quicker than developing a new restaurant from the ground up. Once approved by the Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc., you would complete a transfer of ownership based on agreed upon purchase terms with the seller of the restaurant.

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